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About Us

Product Marketing Experts

Customer trust comes from clearly demonstrating empathy for customer problems and subject matter expertise. We help our customers with:

1. Brand and Go-To-Market Strategy

2. Value Propositions, Channels, and Pricing

3. Develop a better Website Framework

4. Create Lead-Generating Materials and Presentations

5. Email and Sales Funnel Automation

6. Effective Customer Testimonials

Jobs-To-Be Done

Why do customers hire your company or product. We comprehensively identify customer's job-to-be-done—which potential customers themselves often cannot fully articulate—enabling businesses to develop more convenient, reliable, or affordable ways for customers to solve a pressing problem.

The jobs-to-be-done approach taps into what really drives customer behavior. Instead of market segments of questionable relevance, we uncover a far more substantial basis for innovation.

Design Thinking


By engaging with real people -- particularly the users and customers of your work we'll gain a deeper understanding of your users leading to new perspectives and solutions.


Stop (just) discussing, and start building prototypes


interview and observe users


good ideas come from good questions 


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Leadership & Strategy


Darren and I worked on many projects together. He is one of the best marketing and strategy people I know. He always did excellent work and I highly recommend him for any position of leadership and strategy. I would be happy to answer any questions or go go into greater detail by being contacted. 

- Gary A

Creative Force

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.     

Darren is a creative force. His mind is always working on how to improve, innovate, and drive growth through marketing and branding. He is open minded and takes into consideration other points of view. He is a fun collaborator. He is also very down to earth and practical in his work which makes him very relatable to everyone he comes in contact with. 

- Shane D

Experienced & Training


Darren is a marketing genius and has developed a keen business acumen through both his professional and academic achievements. He is really personable and will make a great addition to any team. 

- Professor Mike P

Video Portfolio (more to come)

I produced this video to show universities and schools how our creative team and subject matter experts  created award winning educational content.